Andrew's Corner of the Web

The site was established in June 2006 and ran continuously until August 2013 when there was a hiatus following the unexpected and tragic death of of my beloved granddaughter Charlotte. Eventually development restarted and now looks set to continue through my impending retirement and beyond. This site has always functioned as a place where I could think out loud, a place where I could work through areas of difficulty in my University studies, in my explorations of Linux, in my efforts to live a Yogic style and in many other areas. Creation and maintainance of this site has always been a wonderful and absorbing pursuit for me and I know from emails I have received that the site has also been useful to others. And thus I have achieved a perhaps not insignificant thing...

A special note: I have received a lot of email about the loss of the abcde related pages and I confess that I may have weakened a little in my resolve to stay away from Optical Drives and thus abcde as well. A sticking point is the actual purchase of an Optical Drive, which I cannot justify fiinancially at the moment in my 'pre-retirement' phase. So for this purpose I have started up a GoFundMe page to see if any keen abcde users will help me purchase a quality USB 3.0 external Optical Drive and if this all works out I will start working with abcde again. In particular I was keen to write up a page on encoding with abcde and the new xHE-AAC / USAC encoder exhale; I have created a patch for this already and I am interested in developing this a little further. Anyway thanks to anybody who can help out with this project!

Contents of the Site

The following list represents most of the pages available on the site at this time, all in all about a dozen pages. I have been through a process of updating and rewriting existing content, as well as culling content that was no longer relevant, and now the focus will be on adding new content. Exciting times for this site which is turning 14 years old this year!