Sock Puppet Warning!!

Sock Puppet
A sock puppet is a puppet made from a sock (or similar garment) which is placed over the hand of a puppeteer. When a sock puppeteer fits their hand into the closed end of the sock, the sock puppet can be made to "talk" with the opening and closing of the hand.
Sock Puppet (Internet)
A sock puppet describes an additional account created by an existing member of an Internet community, sometimes to manufacture the illusion of support in a vote or argument. Other reasons include a desire to support or vote on an issue coupled with a desire to have one's "main" account stay away from the issue. This behaviour is sometimes seen as being dishonest by online communities and as a result these individuals are often labeled as trolls.
Beware the sock puppet!!
Sock Puppet Image
Beware the sock puppet!!

This image comes from 'Puppet', a film by Patrick Smith, and is included on this page with his permission. Details of the film can be seen on the Blendfilms Website. The film synopsis reads: ' A young man fabricates a simple sock puppet, not knowing the abuse the entity will soon inflict upon its creator. Through an escalating series of torture, the possessed puppet takes on the embodiment of fear, chaos, and willful self-destruction.' Usenet puppeteers take note :-)