1. Andrew's Corner :

Rough Justice in the HTML Newsgroups

I am a huge fan of Usenet in general and HTML newsgroups in particular. It is certainly true that there is much to be learned there from some very intelligent and experienced people. But it can be a somewhat "robust" environment and I have been both amused and horrified to see a form of rough justice meted out upon those who transgress often unwritten rules, less amused when it was meted out upon myself! I have created this page to hold some examples of this rough justice both for my own edification and perhaps as well for the edification of anybody who stumbles across the page. I believe that rough justice can be useful if it is performed with little malice, a degree of wit and a desire to educate! Be warned gentle readers the language ahead is a little colourful at times :-)


It was Jukka Korpela's infamous "pig's vomit" spray in alt.html that stimulated me to spend a bit of time in the Usenet archives searching for similar rough justice. Until this time alt.html has taught me an immense amount concerning HTML and web design but very little concerning the gastrointestinal tract of pigs...


I well remember being put in my place by a regular of this newsgroup, a very firmly done piece of work too! My favourite quote in this section is that of Neal who just lets it all hang out :-)


I am ready to be corrected but this particular newsgroup seems to have siginificantly less profanity and perhaps a little less rough justice meted out to the unwary. Witness the polite but firm rough justice meted out by Greywvern below. Mind you I am still digging through the archives :-)


Now ciwah is one of my favourite newsgroups but nobody can deny that there are some strong personalities in there and there are certainly some who are prepared to deliver rough justice to the ignorant and clueless. Omitting the usual flame wars there have been some unusually tense discussions in this group :-)

And in conclusion...

Don't forget that these quotes represent one particular aspect of the various HTML newsgroups! The majority of posters and postings are calm, well-considered and extremely helpful. Having said that it has not taken long to fill this page :-)