Living in an apartment is a completely different experience as compared to living in an independent home despite the fact that both are classified as residential premises. In the same way, improving home security for your apartment involves something more than simply copying security measures and strategies employed by those living in independent homes.

For starters, improving apartment security is not the responsibility of a sole individual. Rather, it is something that all the residents of the building should work towards. Installing a good quality video door phone and establishing a control room along with a security guard at the main entrance of the building can make a huge impact on overall safety of all the residents. The cost of such an improvement, when distributed to all the residents, will be quite affordable.

Hence, the first and most important step to improve security of your apartment is to get together with your neighbors and take steps to secure all common areas and joint facilities enjoyed by all the residents.

Once this is done, you can focus on your individual apartment. Securing an independent premise requires security cameras on the porch, backyard, front door, and other places for 360° surveillance. On the other hand, installing a video phone on the door along with cameras in the foyer and the corridor leading to the bedrooms should be enough to safeguard your premises. Since no burglar can enter your home without passing through the foyer, a strategically-located camera will ensure nobody can enter the apartment without his or her identity being recorded.

Installing alarms in all the doors and windows is a very effective security measure in apartments. Unlike independent premises, a loud alarm will definitely attract the attention of all your neighbors. A security breach in one apartment represents a risk of all the residents. Hence, getting the best home security system is a must for all residing in apartments.

Once you have covered the main entrance for the building and the entrance to your home, it is time to cover all other points of entry. Fire exits, windows, and doors leading to open spaces that can be accessed by a person climbing up or climbing down the building should be reinforced and protected.

Improving windows security is an easy and inexpensive affair. Simply going in for stronger locks that cannot be broken or opened from the outside will be enough to deter burglars. Fire exits can be tricky because you don’t want to ensure your home is safe without creating obstacles in the event of a real fire emergency. Stronger doors and multiple deadbolts on the door should help you safeguard your home without violating fire safety regulations.

Unlike independent homes, there are some aspects of home security that are outside your individual control when you reside in apartments. Ensuring proper security at the main entrance is something that can be achieved only if all residents work together. Bolster security in your home to the best of your ability and make sure all neighbors have a serious and sincere approach towards security of all the apartments in the building.